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Trading Cost Analysis

Trading Cost Analysis

Derivatives and foreign exchange transactions are traditionally opaque.

The all in cost methodology of pricing allows many dealers to build in their profit margin in their spread, and fail to divulge the true rate to their customer.

What are the actual costs in trading options? Comparing exchange traded prices to over the counter solutions available from most institutions vary considerably.

Is there a better way to reduce or take on exposure?

By reviewing your trades, we can establish which dealers are offering you the best spreads, and most beneficial relationships. We definitely understand that your dealer or counter party needs to make a living. The question is how high is the cost?

Interesting Idea Generation

Interesting Idea Generation

There are two types of trades: The ones you have, and the ones that you get. In most cases, I believe that an investor or trader is always better off sticking to the ideas that they develop themselves. Your own ideas are usually ones that matter most to you, and by defining the risk reward of those trades beforehand will allow for greater staying power.

Ideas that you get, or better worded, ideas that get sold to you are usually subject to just one benchmark- is it profitable or not. However, the timeline of such trades can often be out of line between the idea generator and the idea implementer.

In my blog I talk about the current market environment, and trade ideas that I am reviewing. Some ideas may pique your interest. From there, I am happy to describe the strategy I am looking to implement for myself, and discuss what may work for you.



Trading can be an amazing business. Your inventory is liquid. Access is relatively easy. But like most of our financial dealings, winning and losing plays on our fundamental emotions of greed and fear.

I prefer to focus on what is it that you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong. Find your focus, and put the effort into doing more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

Understand your goals, understand your biases, and understand your limitations.

Strategy Development for Hedging Foreign Exchange

Trading Cost Analysis

Developing a hedging strategy to deal with market prices is a process.

We help in understanding the true nature of the impact market prices can have on your business/portfolio.

We help you understand the tools you need to have in place to deal with market fluctuations, (volatility).

We help you understand how to price the cost of different tools in various market environments.

We help you develop a strategy to execute risk management trades.

Implementable Ideas

Implementable Ideas

There is always a bull market somewhere.

Taking an idea from a concept to a trade. Understanding the nature of the position you should be taking. The costs associated with the position, and planning to align the idea, with the current market and potential altering landscape within the marketplace.

You understand the position you want to have, and we are here to help you put that into a tradeable action plan.

Option trading strategies

Option trading strategies

Option trading has exploded in the past decade. This is great for market participants, as options allow the customer to create the conditions for their own positions.

We help you understand how options work. 

  • Calls versus puts
  • Long versus short
  • How options are priced
  • How each environment is unique
  • How to factor costs

About us

In the early days, advisors provided their clients with access to markets. Today, opening a trading account can be done on a smartphone. Another big change came about with the advent of financial media. Where a client used to rely on the advisor to keep the client informed on news, it became rather easy for clients to track news on their own.

What hasn’t changed, is that most traders and risk managers have yet to standardize the making of mistakes. Greed and fear are the most basic emotions that provide the fuel for financial markets. I bring with me 25 years of wins and losses; some of my own, and many as a first-person witness. If there is one ultimate strategy when it comes to trading, it is defining a plan and staying with it.


With markets open 24 hours a day, and access to markets relatively easy, developing one’s relationship with markets is key for any successful trader.

Jonathan Shields has been advising clients on futures and derivatives trading for over 25 years. Profitable traders understand that being prepared for an uncertain road ahead is paramount.

Good ideas are plentiful, but being able to capitalize on them is key. Sometimes all you need is A Second Set of IIs.
Our process is focused on understanding your relationship with markets.



Due dilligence on an investment strategy that you are considering



An evaluation of your current hedging strategy.



A trade idea that you are thinking of employing



A review of your trading history, to understand what improvements you can make.

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We turn our experience into insights that you can employ to better decisions in your trading. 

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