A 60 Game Season: Pivoting For Uncertainty

Everyone has to deal with Covid-19. The fact that MLB is going to be restarting in a couple of weeks, should be fun. Sure, you can find reasons that it won’t work. I am personally hoping for some genuinely fun baseball. Played by men that will seem like boys.

Each participant has a unique view on the season. However, the General Manager will be called upon to learn how to juggle circumstances that are unique to this year. It is that mindset that I am most fascinated with.

Will they adapt a roster that is geared for a 162 game marathon to prepare for a sixty game sprint. How are they going to pivot? Especially given the financial situation that is facing teams. Having lost the lion share of their revenue this year. What if one of their star players contracts Covid-19? Will it even be possible to get back on track?

They face so many unknowns. Yet, they not only need to be prepared. They also need contingency plans. Because some General Manager is likely to do something completely differently. The game, in a short season will bring out the unexpected.

When the season is over, (and fingers crossed that we get there), there will be articles about how the Championship was won. How certain seemingly innocuous moves were the strategic plays that brought it about. Those articles will have been written with hindsight.

A trader is much like a General Manager. Prior to putting on a trade, you should have a plan. A contingency plan for when things don’t quite go the way you imagined. And another for when things just get bizarre.

In the end, there will only be one winner of the 2020 World Series. In markets, there will be many winners and losers. Approaching trading with deliberation and flexibility, like a General Manager can put you in position to contend with the best.


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