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Rare Events

Did you get a chance to watch any classic baseball games recently?

I have enjoyed some of the baseball games that were replayed over the past few months. Getting a chance to relive some games of my younger days with my sons has been awesome. Prior knowledge of the outcome excepted, we got to see incredible moments. Even though we can’t say “I have never seen that before” about them. On some of them we can say, “I haven’t seen that since”.

One of the remarkable games that was replayed was from September 25th of 2003. During the contest, Carlos Delgado hit three home runs in one game.

It is truly a rare feat. Only accomplished 18 times in the history of baseball. But, not quite I have never seen that before event. There have been a total of 219,495 Major League Baseball games played. In other words, the odds that a player on any given night would hit four home runs is minute.

These events are amazing, that it can happen any time. Even if the odds are that it won’t happen in any given game.

I think that it is an important lesson in trading. Being aware that there too, we can find rare events. They seem to come out of nowhere.

You can’t rely on the occurrence of a rare event. Particularly one that MAY never happen. Yet, it is the rare event that one needs to know CAN indeed happen.

Being adept at both baseball and trading, relies on preparation to react. Are you ready?


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